Michael, Doug & Rebecca

Permit Search Team

The True Story About PermitSearch

One day, a real estate professional had an idea.

This idea had been brewing in the back of his mind for years.  It began when, on occasion, he would be at a closing with a very nice client who was about to buy a home… when it was discovered, a bit late, that the home had OPEN PERMITS, and that hiccup, actually derailed the whole thing!

This client, poor soul, then had to reschedule and rework everything from title work and mortgage agreements to movers and grandparent babysitters.  It was a logistical nightmare.

And so, our real estate professional, Doug, thought to himself, “We can do this better.”

Doug began thinking of how to prevent this from happening to his clients, and this was the start of PermitSearch.

Doug shared this idea with his wife, Rebecca, who loves any idea that makes people’s lives better and easier.  As someone who really appreciates time-savers and anything that organizes life’s big projects, Rebecca was all in for making PermitSearch a reality.

Doug and Rebecca were so excited about this idea that they shared it with a few friends.  These friends agreed that helping folks make buying a home easier was a great idea.  And so, marketing professional, Michael, joined the team.

And then, PermitSearch was born!

PermitSearch is dedicated to making sure people get the permit history information needed for a smooth real estate closing.

No derailments – just the permit facts.

Welcome to PermitSearch.