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Open or missing building permits can throw a major wrench into the closing process, delaying or even canceling the closing, costing you TIME and MONEY. 

But how do you check for open or missing permits? You could figure out the correct department to contact, find the right form, download it, fill it out correctly, scan it, and submit an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request.  If you do all of that correctly, you could wait for them to respond, follow up if they don’t, and then interpret the results yourself.  

The easiest way to check for open or missing permits is with PermitSearch.  When you use PermitSearch, we go through all available electronic records, and instantly give you a report, based on the data your local municipality makes available. Additionally, we will file an OPRA request on your behalf, manage that process, and present an easy-to-understand report containing both your electronic and paper records.

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permit search for buyers and sellers

Buyers & Sellers

Avoid costly and frustrating delays in the home selling and buying process.

Property inspectors

Property Inspectors

Add value to every inspection by answering, “Did the seller get permits for the property and are they closed?”

Real Estate Professionals

Save time and frustration during the transaction period by getting the complete permit history.

hassle free permit report

. Most PermitSearch reports are provided within 24 hours of receipt of municipal response.

Complete history


We provide a comprehensive, detailed history of all permits associated with the property.

hassle-free permit history


Obtaining permit history from your township can be difficult. We’ll manage the entire process for you from start to finish.

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