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Better Inspection Reports Include PermitSearch

Property Inspectors

Turn difficult questions into higher revenues with a unique service designed to increase customer satisfaction AND referrals.

permit search for buyers and sellers

Real Estate Attorneys

Gain valuable insights into potential issues with a property during attorney review.

Property inspectors

Brokers & Agents

Reduce liability and increase productivity for both individual agents and large brokerages.


PermitSearch helps inspectors, real estate attorneys, realtors and brokers gain visibility into permits on residential and commercial properties.

We use our proprietary database of permits as well as municipal public records requests to provide a comprehensive report of a home’s permit history, including Building, Construction, Electrical, and Plumbing permits.

The best part is that you no longer have to submit permit requests, deal with the municipality, or interpret the results. We provide all findings in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand report.

$0 monthly fees

$0 sign up costs

Receive bulk order discounts

60 second setup and launch


PermitSearch is designed to help professionals provide value-added services to customers with detailed permit history.


We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Send us your order and we provide a detailed permit search report.


Enjoy bulk pricing and integrate into your core offering to improve the value of your service.

Why Permit Search?

Adding PermitSearch to your report package will:

  • Provide customers with permit history details
  • Provide a clear and easy-to-understand report
  • Create peace of mind for anyone buying or selling a home
  • Get discounted pricing for bulk purchases
Property inspectors

Getting started is with PermitSearch is simple. You give us your name, contact information, and business details. Once you are in our system, you start sending orders. We will process the orders and bill you.

You can integrate PermitSearch into your core package. Alternatively, you can sell as an add-on to your existing services. We provide you with flyer and post-card templates that can be given to customers to explain the service.

You can download a PermitSearch sample report, or contact a representative for additional samples.

PermitSearch charges our inspectors a fixed rate for reports. You can markup the cost to whatever amount fits your price structure. We can recommend amounts based on what other inspectors charge.

Brokers & Agents

Reduce liability and increase productivity for both individual agents and large brokerages.