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We offer two partner programs – both with unique benefits.
Choose one or both depending on your unique situation.

Become a Reseller

Perfect for those looking to make our tools & services an integral part of their business operations. Control report ordering and delivery from end-to-end, and add value to every transaction by becoming a Repair Pricer reseller.

Get up to 30% off all reports

Unlimited 30 day trial*

Fully customized onboarding and setup

White label solutions available

*(exclusions apply)

Become a Referral Partner

Looking for a hands off approach that lets you earn unlimited commissions simply by telling your clients about Repair Pricer? Join our FREE referral partner program today.

$0 monthly fees

$0 sign up costs

$10 discount per referral

60 second setup and launch

Not sure what works for you? Click here to schedule a call with our team!